This Weekend’s Progress

To be perfectly honest, this post should probably be called “Saturday’s Progress” but it’s not our fault. We had a nice and moderately productive Saturday with temperatures reaching a whopping 55 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a very unproductive, rainy, and SNOWY Sunday. You read that right– snow in April. Maybe that isn’t all-too bizarre but […]

My New Kitchen Multi-Tool

This post is dedicated to my new kitchen multi-tool– that’s what I’m calling it anyway. It’s actually called an immersion blender, or sometimes referred to as a stick blender, and it sure is handy. We’ve had piles of eggs sitting around and I’ve been telling myself I really need to make some mayo, especially since […]

It’s That Time of Year!

Spring flowers are starting to pop up, trees will soon begin to bloom, and people are talking about gardens. This is our first Spring in our new home and we are so excited about the possibilities. We both have a lot to learn and practice, so this year may be a time of trial and […]

February 2019 Update

I can’t believe we’ll have a 4-year-old on our hands after this weekend! It can’t have possibly been that long? But… it has. Time sure knows how to sneak by. On that note, it’s been a whole month since we’ve posted anything here, too. I promise we are all still alive! The weather here in […]

Why We Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

You probably hear the question every year– what is your new year’s resolution? Maybe, like many people, you do participate in this tradition. I decided I’m not that into it, and I will explain why. I worked at a gym for a little while and, unsurprisingly, gym memberships spiked with the new year. Attendance from […]

Our New Homestead

Moving into a new home and having a baby are considered to be two of the more stressful life transitions, though luckily they are also among the most positive of “big changes” that a family faces. We were fortunate enough to experience both events this year, and more or less on the same day, at […]

Apple & Sausage Breakfast Pizza

Sometimes it can be fun to experiment in the kitchen. I consider myself a decent cook but that doesn’t mean every attempt at a new creation is a success. Even so, this recipe is definitely a winner as far as my family is concerned. We often use it as a breakfast dish but it is […]

Spaghetti Squash “Lasagna”

Recently I’ve undertaken the task of cooking more nutrient-dense dinners for my family. We don’t have a problem with the classics but any opportunity to increase the health benefits of a meal is welcome. The cold weather has given us a taste for comfort foods, making a warm and cheesy lasagna dish a great choice […]

Best Dual-Purpose Chicken Breeds

  When we committed to raising chicks for our homestead, we decided we wanted birds that could not only produce eggs, but supply meat as needed. Many chicken breeds are egg-cellent for laying (yep, I went there) and others are great for meat, but which breeds should you rely on if you want the best of […]

What is Homesteading?

  While the definition of homesteading has changed over the years, homesteading today is, at its core, a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-sufficiency as the quality or state of being self-sufficient. More specifically, to be self-sufficient is defined as [being] able to maintain oneself or itself without outside aid. Homesteading is encompassed by a variety […]